There are several effective ways of using essential oils:

In your child’s: 

  • bath, 
  • massage oil, 
  • shampoo and conditioner
  • gel, 
  • hot or cold compress, 
  • aromastone, burner, radiator or on a tissue

Essential oils can be used effectively to: 

1. Alter your child’s emotional state eg: aiding sleep, reducing anxiety, helping concentration.  This is achieved mainly through inhalation and massage.

2. Treat a problematic condition, for example cold, cough, nits.  This is achieved through application to the skin with a carrier (oil, water cream etc).      


 The following oils can be used with babies under 18 months: (the number by the name refers to the blending factor – the number of drops to aim for in a blend and the relationship to other oils.  The label top middle or base refers to the density of the oil molecules and whether they evaporate quickly – top note, or slowly base notes.  Each blend should have at least one of each note covered.

  • Chamomile (Roman) 1 top and middle
  • Lavender  6  middle
  • Mandarin 6 top
  • Neroli 6 middle

After 18 months additional essential oils can be used:

  • Orange 6 top and middle
  • Benzoin 4 base
  • Sandalwood 6 middle and base
  • Palmarosa 2 all
  • Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus smithii only) 1 top
  • Tea tree 3 middle
  • Bergamot  6 top and middle
  • Patchouli 6 base
  • Lemon 4 top
  • Niaouli 3 middle
  • Ylang ylang 3 all
  • Rose  (if diluted) 5 all notes
  • Frankincense 3 mid and base
  • Vetiver 1 base
  • Sweet marjoram 2 middle
  • Geranium 3 top and middle
  • Ginger 1 base
  • Rosemary 2 middle
  • Clary Sage  2 top and middle
  • Grapefruit  5 top and middle
  • Petitgrain 5 top and middle
  • Black pepper 3 middle

The following oils can be used on children over 7 years

  • Basil 1 top
  • Cypress 4 middle
  • Sweet fennel 1 middle
  • Peppermint 1 top and middle
  • At the age of 12 children may use the adult list of essential oils.



Under 2 months – no essential oils only carrier oils or plant waters (hydrolats), byproducts of the distillation process of essential oils can be used safely in the bath with babies.

Essential oils float on top of water and would come into direct contact with the skin and could cause irritation.  For this reason they need to be added to a carrier, either full fat milk, a liquid soap base or a bubble bath base.  Carrier oil can be used but this will make the bath more slippy than usual.

  • 2- 6 months- add 1 drop of essential oil in a suitable base 
  • 6-18 months- add two drops of the above essential oil and use as above.
  • Over 18 months – 4 drops in the bath to be used as above
  • Over 5 years – add 6 drops
  • Over 7 years – add up to 8 drops as for an adult


Blend essential oils into a pure cold pressed preferably organic vegetable oil such as sunflower, sweet almond, sesame or grapeseed.

20 drops of essential oil =1ml essential oil

For measuring out carrier oil follow this guideline

5ml of carrier oil = 1 teaspoon

10ml =1 desert spoon

15ml = 1 tablespoon

  • Children over 7 to adults can use a 2.5% dilution.  To calculate this half the number of mls of carrier oil (co) to find out how many drops of essential oil (eo) to add: eg in 50ml co use 25 drops eo, in 30ml use 15 drops, in 10ml use 5 drops.
  • Age 18 months – 7 years old: add ¼ the number of drops of eo to mls of co.  In 10ml add 3 drops, in 30ml add 8 drops, in 50ml add 12 drops. This makes a 1.25% dilution
  • From 6-18 months add 3 drops for 30ml, 2 in 20ml and 1 in 10ml
  • For babies under 6 months add only 1 drop of essential oil to 20ml

Shampoo and conditioner

Consider adding essential oils to treat nits. (see details later)


Aloe vera gel with a drop of lavender added to 20ml is very soothing to burns and sunburn as well as other red hot or itchy conditions including fevers.


A wonderful simple remedy good for mums and children for headaches and injured body parts.  Fill the sink with either hot or cold water.  Add 2-3 drops of essential oil.  Lower the flannel on the top of the water, squeeze out excess water and place on the affected part.  Rest while you recover.


Oils used to scent a room from birth. Place 2-6 drops in a burner or aromastone.  An aromastone is a good investment.  It is a plug in stone that heats up to a temperature that allows the oils to be steadily released into the air.  There is no fire risk or risk of burning.  Place 3 drops on a tissue and place in behind a radiator.

To introduce aromatherapy to babies place 1 drop of essential oil (try Lavender) on a tissue and keep it nearby when you are feeding him or her. They will come to associate the aroma with love and comfort. Use this scent at night to help them sleep. When you leave the child with a sitter the aroma will comfort and reassure them.

Some common Ailments and remedies


Sleep: place 2 drops on a tissue and place in or under the pillow or in the duvet cover not too close to the childs face. Try Lavender or chamomile, Neroli, Benzoin, Sandalwood, Rose, Bergamot.

Teething pain:  Use 1 drop of chamomile oil on a flannel wrapped ice cube to relieve.  Add one drop to 10 ml of carrier oil and massage the cheeks, ear and jaw area.  Use homeopathic teetha camomilla grains.  

Teeth Grinding: Lavender (rub on feet).


Colic: Bergamot, Ginger, Mandarin, Marjoram, Neroli, Roman chamomile, Rosemary. Mix and apply to stomach and back. Combine with massage and baby yoga moves as which includes lying the baby on their tummy over your lap and rocking gently.

Constipation: Ginger, Mandarin, Orange, palmarosa or Rosemary. Dilute one of the oils and massage on stomach and feet. Give a small amount of orange juice mixed with a teaspoon or less of flax seed oil. Massage the baby’s tummy in a clockwise direction from their right to left


Crying: Lavender, Roman chamomile, Neroli, rose otto, or a little of ylang ylang and Frankincense, Vetiver, Palmarosa, Dilute for massage or diffuse to soothe as your cuddle and comfort.

Pain: Lavender, Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Snadalwood

Calming: Geranium, Vetiver, Palmarosa, Lavender, Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, 


Uplifting: When planning a children's party choose the Citrus oils like Orange, Mandarin, Bergamot, Geranium, Frankincense to use in an aromastone.  They are happy yet calming scents that most children love.


Disinfecting: Citrus oils can be used as natural cleaning agents around the house. Simply add a few drops of Orange, Lemon, Tea tree, Bergamot, Naiouli, Eucalyptus or Mandarin oil to water, moisten a clean cloth with the mixture and wipe down children's rooms and school bags.

Scent children's drawers containing nighttime clothing with Lavender and Chamomile essential oils applied to cotton balls. 


Common Cold: Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus smithi, Sandalwood. Lemon, Niaouli, palmarosa

Fever: Lavender, Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Palmarosa. Dilute in vegetable oil and massage baby or child (back of neck, feet, behind ear, etc.). Peppermint  (diffuse in air only).

Cough: Sandalwood, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Bergamot, Lemon, Neroli, Marjoram.   Dilute for massage or diffuse. 

Tonsillitis: Ginger, Lavender, Lemon, Tea Tree, Roman chamomile, Niaouli, Sandalwood. Dilute and apply.  If the child is old enough to gargle salt with Tea Tree then do so.  Use only I drop strirred regularly.

Earache: Lavender, Tea Tree, Roman chamomile. Put a diluted drop of oil on a cotton ball and place on the surface of the ear; rub a little bit of diluted oil behind the ear and on the ear reflex feet points.

Immuno stimulants – Patchouli and Vetiver, tea tree

Conjunctivitis: Infuse a chamomile tea bag in boiling water and once it has cooled to tepid wash the eyes starting from the outside towards  the duct and out, with cotton wool dipped into the decoction.

Thrush from breastfeeding: Geranium, lavender, lemon, Tea Tree.  Dilute and apply to nipples just before nursing, or with a clean finger into baby's mouth.


Keep the dilutions very low in essential oils (1-3 drops) and don’t put it on neat.

Nappy Rash: Lavender, chamomile, benzoin in a zinc and calendula cream.

Rashes: Lavender, Roman chamomile, rose otto, or sandalwood. Dilute in aloe vera gel or in a carrier oil and apply.  Encourage the child to drink lots of water/fluid.  Use a dry skin blend of carrier oil from "materia aromatic".  

Itchy skin: for example after chicken pox – 20 ml aloevera gel with 1 drops of Lavender or chamomile oil

Cradle Cap: Massaging with any carrier oil and then rubbing over gently in the bath with a mild shampoo helps relieve this. 

Nits: Once your child goes to play group they may get nits.  If so adding 3 drops of essential oil to 15ml of shampoo and then conditioner and combing with a nit comb regularly then nits will soon go.  Use Eucalyptus, tea tree, lavender, lemon and geranium varying the oils with each application.

Burns: aloe vera and lavender works well.

Scars: Vitamin E carrier oil and any of the above skin oils.

Cuts and grazes:  Compress: clean the wound with cotton wool dipped into warm water with 1 drop of lavender or tea tree.  Or use lavender or tea tree floral water.