I trained for reflexology in 1998 and have been practicing part time since.  I use it as a regular part of my own well being routine and that of my families. I have completed a specialised training in reflexology for labour and have successfully assisted women through the final months of pregnancy. I am also qualified and for 7 years taught antenatal yoga with Birthlight. 

Do you enjoy a relaxing foot rub?  There is evidence from 4000 BC that the ancient Chinese and Egyptians did!  Books about hand and foot therapy were first published in the 16th Century when it was called “zone therapy’ indicating that touching points on the feet can effect body parts in the same longitudinal zone. An article entitled “to stop your toothache, squeeze your toe!” was published in 1915 by the founder, Dr William Fitzgerald.  Eunice Ingham, a physiotherapist and student of Fitzgerald spent many years working out the maps of correspondences that reflexologists now use today and she is known as the ‘Mother of Reflexology’.

For pregnant ladies and those approaching labour, reflexology has been shown to be of great benefit.  One research study has shown that pain is significantly reduced during labour, as well as the length of the first stage of labour also being shorter.  (Valiani M et al - 2010 "Reviewing the effect of Reflexology on pain and outcomes of the labour of primiparous women" Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research. 15(Dec) p302-310).  An earlier research study showed that first time mums who received 10 reflexology treatments prior to birth had average labour times of 5 to 6 hours. It was noted that the group treated with reflexology needed far less pain relief during labour too. (G. Motha and J. McGrath - 1992 "The effects of reflexology on labour outcome" ).

Reflexology can help improve a whole range of pregnancy related conditions such as nausea, constipation, fatigue, heart burn, insomnia, mood swings, fluid retention, back and hip pain, anxiety, carpal tunnel syndrome and sciatica.  Taking time out to relax and be nurtured in a safe and comfortable space comes with many benefits.  Time to be still, to take stock, to bond with your baby within, to recharge your batteries and then better able to embrace life with all its changes.  

I trained with the British school of Reflexology