Testimonial for Reflexology for Labour - December 2018

I was a week overdue when a friend recommended Amy as she provides reflexology for pregnant women and had previously helped to induce her labour years earlier. Amy was thankfully able to fit me in for appointments the same evening as well as the following day. The experience itself was lovely. Amy made me feel extremely comfortable, not easy be it I was 41 weeks pregnant! We had a lovely intro chat and I was able to spend the next 60/90 minutes focusing on me, my labour and motherhood. The whole experience was lovely and at 23:00 the same night my waters broke - so I never made it to the 2nd appointment! I would highly recommend to those looking for a natural, gentle way to promote the start of labour. 

Testimonial for Reiki and Aromatherapy Treatment

Amy is a very powerful and intuitive reiki healer and aromatherapist.  She has a natural warmth and compassion, and her knowledge of essential oils combined with her reiki healing gives her the most amazing results.  She has helped me using both.  When Amy gave me a healing it was on a very deep and intuitive level and the results were powerful and profound, resulting in a complete healing of a painful back injury.  

D Wilman counsellor and natural healing therapist.  February 2015

Testimonial for wellbeing class in Waterbeach Lodge

"Very pleased with the lecture content and presentation given by Amy. The relaxation section particularly impressive - another few minutes and we would have been asleep!!! Thank you."


'Amy is a wonderful holistic therapist. I had a truly amazing home birth with my second daughter (a relaxed hour and a half labour that started shortly after Amy's 'labour-inducing' therapy), which I attribute in no small part to the reflexology I received in the last month of my pregnancy. Amy really strove to understand what I required each week, offering a blend of reflexology, aromatherapy, massage, reiki, hypnobirthing and even yoga, depending on my various aches and pains! She is the first therapist I have found that has shown a real passion for helping women during pregnancy (I tried several over two pregnancies). I would highly recommend her. She even came to our house after our baby was born to give me a new-baby 'balancing treatment'. Bliss!'

Dani, March 2014

 Aromatherapy blend for (RSI) repetitive strain injury
I asked Amy to make up an oil to help with a client of mine Phil whose work involves repetitive movements of his arm/elbow. Phil had been suffering for some time with chronic pain in his elbow. This was causing problems with his work and depressing him.  Amy made him up an oil to help reduce the inflammation and pain. After 2 weeks the pain had reduced by 50% but I discovered Phil was only using the oil once every other day so I encouraged him to use it more regularly at least once per day and now the pain is 80% better. He is delighted with the results so far and hopes to be pain free after finishing the bottle. Jan 2014

 Intuitive Aromatherapy Massage with Reiki and Reflexology

" Amy, you have a gift"  Sally  sept 2012

"Thank you for the shoulder massage, all the pain has gone"  Chrissy Sept 2012

The treatments were wonderfully relaxing and gave me time to focus on my unborn baby. 
The reflexology sessions definitely prepared my body for labour and I am certain that they helped labour progress rapidly and assisted with the natural, drug free birth I had hoped for.  Amy is very skilled, intuitive & caring and I would highly recommend her services.
Best wishes,  Lucy - Oct 2014

From a well being class in care home for the Elderly:

Spent a lovely afternoon with mother, watching the aromatherapist work her wonders on the gathered group of residents. It was touching to see the positive response of so many of them to the memories that the scents of the essential oils unlocked. Mother's favourites were the bergamot and jasmine oils. The afternoon ended with a relaxing jasmine hand massage with everyone relaxing to pan pipe music from the Andes. One of those special afternoons...

For My Introduction to Aromatherapy Course

Thank you Amy!!! what a wonderful two days of learning all about essential oils, you are such a fantastic and knowledgeable teacher..... had such fun, thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and can't wait to put it all into practice. Xxx  April 2015

What a fabulous couple of days enjoying our 'introduction to Aromatherapy' arranged by our own Amy Ellis. It was fun and very informative, I learned an awful lot about the benefits and uses of, essential oils, how to calculate the amounts and how to blend the oils for massage, room essense, nasal sticks etc etc. So much more than I imagined and ending today by blending our own oils a short meditation and how to give a hand massage. Amy is such a great and patient teacher I can thoroughly recommend this course to anyone!
Thankyou Amy xxx    April 2015

Didgeridoo performances

Michael House 2010 and 2011 - 2 performances for a peace promoting and fundraising concert for the Quaker Congo Partnership, a charity I am direclty involved in.

Dance Camp East festival - played as part of a team accompanying 5 rhythm dancers.

"A highlight for me was the meditation/improvisation on the didgeridoo by which I joined with Aborigine ancestors and connected with planet Earth!" Daphe. Nov 2011

"Listening to the didgeridoo I felt really touched in my heart"  Steiner school teacher 2012

"Listening to your guided visualisation voice was like having a massage with sound."  2014

On behalf of the Walk team, many thanks to you and your ensemble for entertaining the walkers again this year. I heard that you had something of an audience, including  samba band members! oct 2014

Giant Bird Puppet Testimonial from Britten Sinfonia 2012 - A Celebration of Bird Song

Amy very kindly offered to loan three of her beautiful bird puppets for Britten Sinfonia’s bird-themed Family Music Day in February 2012. One of the challenges we face when we run this event is how to make a university faculty building feel like a fun and welcoming place for families, but this year having a huge tawny owl and dove decorating the foyer really set the tone for the day! The yellowhammer puppet flying up and down the aisles of the auditorium at the end of our concert was a wonderful sight, and brought a great element of surprise. Amy was really helpful in advance of the project and throughout the day, and it was lovely to collaborate with her. Many thanks to Amy and family!