• Amy has been playing didgeridoo since the 1990's.
  • She has performed for a book launch of "Rabbityness"
  • Played for several fundraising peace concerts, 3 Oxfam walks and at parties.
  • She plays solo and with other musicians covering rthymns from around the world and a guided visualisation of the ocean.

Other interesting discussions:

Talking about death - A client in a residential home for the elderly was upset - "they keep going away and not coming back" he said, and kept repeating over and over again.  He sang a song, a mantra about going going, never to return.  After a conversation I worked out that he was talking of his memories.  Where did they go, we did not know know would we ever know... he found this hard, he wanted them to come back.  We talked about living in the present and thinking of the now, and of the power of our imaginations.  But we could not ignore the fact that we were we al are beginning to let go into loosing things and eventually loosing our lives.  So although the mind goes the spirit lives on and the songs or mantras that this client sang were beautiful, repetitive and very "Vedic" like ancient indian prayers I have heard sung over and over again.  I believe they provided some solace for him enabling him to live more fully in the now.