NEW COURSES AT Impington Village College - Wednesday evenings 7-9pm

September term - Blending your own massage blend and nasal inhaler.

January Term - Blending your own Room or Body spray

Summer Term - Blending your own reed diffuser and oil based perfume.

Contact the IVC Community education to book your place.  Cost: £52 per term.

This is the description of the first course:

Introduction to Aromatherapy: This course will introduce 10 essential oils and how to use them safely and effectively to promote health and wellbeing. This will include making your own organic massage oil blend and an aromatherapy nasal inhaler using oils of your choice. The course will also cover where the oils come from, how they are made, how to best store them and how to use them for yourself, on family, friends and within the household


Two day Aromatherapy Course - Using essential oils at home

20th and 21st April 2015 - Make your own organic bespoke essential oil blend £180 for 2 days study and full hand out of notes.  

1/2 day course in making your own meditation room mist

Day course on Using essential oils for children

Day course on Reflexology for babies and children

Aromatherapy for the menopause - 1/2 day workshop

All workshops will run form a clinic in Chesterton and will be small groups only (max =6 people)

For more information or to book your place please get in touch through the "Contact me" page.