My children (aged 7 and 10) love Nature Explorers! They are urban kids and spend very little time in 'natural' spaces, so the time they spend in the conservation area is very special to them. They are thrilled to report any wildlife they encounter, and love planting trees and using natural materials to make artworks, bird feeders, animal refuges and bug hotels. They have learnt a lot about animal and plant life and the importance of seasons and habitats.

You have made a very welcoming space for children to explore and to play, and I am always impressed by how gently the children interact with each other at the club. It would be great if these elements could be extended into the curriculum!


Abram is very much enjoying nature club! He comes home from school very proud with either a new nature craft or a story of what he made for the nature preserve. I think being out of doors with specific environmental tasks gives him inspiration for his playtime, as well. He is becoming more aware of birds, plants and bugs :) Many thanks for the fun club,

The Nature Explorers Club at Mayfield School with Amy Ellis is a Godsend. We know how vital it is for human beings to spend time in nature for their mental health - more so for children as they are still developing. Sadly the school system is way behind the times but thank heavens for people like Amy and for Trusts like yourselves to come in and help provide a soothing balm for the children in the crazy school week. 

Our daughter loves going to Nature Club. She has learned how to take care of nature and animals.

In her free time, she likes to go out for walks with us and we wonder how much knowledge she has got of animals, plants and what animals need in which season.


After nature clubs on Fridays, Lydia is much more "herself", happy and able to be creative without any help, doing a bird house for example.


As parents we think Nature club is very much needed for our daughter as she is outside no matter what the weather is like and has got the opportunity to learn in a different way.

Lydia enjoys Nature Club very much.

Thank you very much for making it possible!

We highly appreciate it.

Vincent constantly surprises me with the breadth and depth of knowledge he has gained whilst attending nature explorer club. He has gained valuable insights into the animals, insects and plants which live within the local environment. He is always keen to tell me about the new experiences he has had and is always keen to attend come rain or shine! I'm so pleased he has chosen to continue this term.